ETS – Win32 RTOS for x86


ETS is a discontinued product, and ETS Software Development Kits (SDKs) are no longer available for sale.

However, ETS runtime licenses can be purchased for all versions of ETS.

To obtain ETS runtime licenses, or for additional information about IntervalZero’s RTX Hard Real-Time Platform, please contact your IntervalZero sales representative at


ETS is the optimal real-time operating system for devices based on the Intel x86 architecture. ETS delivers ease of use, deterministic performance, and unmatched dependability in thousands of demanding environments including multi-media streaming solutions, sub-micron scanning systems, ocean vessel location systems, and RFID products.

Because ETS was designed as a Win32 API compliant operating system, all the standard Windows conventions are maintained. This includes APIs, memory management, mutexes, and semaphores that Windows developers are accustomed to using.

In addition to performance, ETS simplifies development through extensive use of tools designed and optimized to present comprehensive and detailed information to the software engineer to quickly and accurately resolve issues as they arise during the development process.