IntervalZero RTX64 and EtherCAT

EtherCAT Master for RTX64

EtherCAT has emerged as the de-facto standard for industrial communication. IntervalZero provides an EtherCAT master for RTX64 with KINGSTAR Fieldbus.

KINGSTAR is a Machine Automation software platform for building smart machines and controllers.

KINGSTAR platform consists of five products:

  • KINGSTAR Fieldbus (real-time EtherCAT® Master)
  • KINGSTAR Motion (motion control)
  • KINGSTAR PLC (software Programmable Logic Controller)
  • KINGSTAR Vision (real-time GigE Vision solution)
  • KINGSTAR IoT (IoT-enabled platform)

KINGSTAR Fieldbus provides a complete EtherCAT solution (master and tools) to RTX64 users.