RTX64 RTOS, Careers opportunities for Real-Time Solutions for Windows 10

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Excellent people, innovative technology, and a Customer-first philosophy are all competitive differentiators in today’s knowledge-based global economy. IntervalZero is focused on all three – building an outstanding Team, exceeding Customer expectations, and continuing to develop the world’s leading Real-Time Operating System Platform that is changing the landscape in markets ranging from Industrial Automation and Test/Simulation to Pro Audio and Medical systems.

Open positions:

Senior UI/UX Development Engineer

IntervalZero is seeking a Senior UI/UX Development Engineer to develop UI applications for optimal User Experience. The ideal candidate will spearhead front-end development of the IntervalZero tool suite by contributing innovative ideas to new projects and optimizing existing tool UIs, all while maintaining a consistent visual language. As such, the ideal candidate will be self-motivated to stay current on emerging front-end development technologies.

Interested? Send resumes and inquiries to: careers@intervalzero.com