Transform Windows into a Real-Time Operating System

Replace Dedicated Hardware with SMP-enabled RTX/RTX64 Software

  • Save 25%+ on Hardware BOM Costs
  • Double Application Performance Every 18 months
  • Open New Markets by Expanding Product Lines
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  • Sep 12, 2018 Try IntervalZero’s new KINGSTAR 3.5 at SPS IPC Drives in Germany this November

    IntervalZero will be exhibiting its products in Hall 3, stand 202. We’ll be highlighting the latest version of KINGSTAR 3.5, with powerful new features for both Soft Motion and EtherCAT, as well as support for new hardware.

  • May 25, 2018 IntervalZero Releases RTX64 Network Abstraction Layer (NAL) 2.0

    The RTX64 NAL is a network layer that abstracts the network hardware and driver functions from the upper-level protocol stacks and provides management interfaces for those upper layers to easily query for and use available network assets. It is a separate protocol layer from the RT-TCP/IP Stack. Using the NAL, you can more easily take advantage of network functionality such as EtherCAT, TSN, and PTP. RTX64 NAL 2.0 is compatible with RTX64 3.4

RTX64/RTX Video Library

Oct 19, 2016RTX64 Overview
RTX64 Overview
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