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Transform Windows into a Real-Time Operating System

Replace Dedicated Hardware with SMP-enabled RTX/RTX64 Software

  • Save 25%+ on Hardware BOM Costs
  • Double Application Performance Every 18 months
  • Open New Markets by Expanding Product Lines
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News, Articles and Events

  • Nov 22, 2019 IntervalZero Releases RTX64 3.7 Vision

    RTX64 3.7 Vision provides functionality for using GigE Vision Cameras within the real-time RTX64 environment. Using RTX64 3.7 Vision, you can quickly discover cameras on the network, query different camera configurations, and acquire image data.

  • Oct 10, 2019 Bryan Levey Wins 2019 PWN Manbassador of the Year

    Bryan Levey, IntervalZero’s VP of Engineering, won the 2019 PWN Global’s Manbassador of the Year award at the PWN Global: Gender Balanced Leadership Awards Ceremony in Dublin, Ireland. The award is presented to a man who has demonstrated outstanding support for advancing females in all aspects of their life, and who puts gender-balanced leadership at the heart of all his actions. Congratulations Bryan!

RTX64/RTX Video Library

Nov 22, 2019RTX64 Vision Overview

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