RTX64 4.5 is Now Available

RTX64 RTOS, Real-Time Solutions for Windows 10 IoT

Real-time Operating System for the IoT Era

Building a World-class Machine Now Starts with an IoT-Enabled Real-time OS (RTOS) Platform

To prepare for the inevitable transformation to Industry 4.0, leading machine builders are already replacing purpose-built machine controllers that cannot address the demands of the future with generalized technologies based on open, secure, IoT- ready, RTOS development platforms that ideally suited to embrace the digital demands of Industry 4.0.

RTX64 Transforms Windows into the RTOS Platform for the IoT Era

IntervalZero’s symmetric multiprocessing-enabled RTX64 RTOS scheduler, a hard real-time add-in that complements the Windows general-purpose scheduler, is a vital component for next-generation machine controllers.  Machine builders enjoy all the RTOS-quality precision and from the determinism of the RTX64  scheduler and benefit from the powerful, secure networking, tools, software, IoT applications, and partners that are available in the Windows ecosystem.

Standards Protect the Machine Builder

IntervalZero is committed to open standards and tools (Windows, Visual Studio, RTX64 RTOS, C++, EtherCAT,  TSN, OPC-UA)  which protects our customers’ investment and to IoT-readiness that ensure the machine builder can support any future cloud connectivity demands. The RTOS Platform serves as an integration environment. The modularity and customizability ease the burden of integrating multiple controllers.  Some forward-thinking machine builders are even consolidating multiple controllers onto a single PC.




World-Class Businesses Trust RTX64 to Drive their Machine Control

Build smarter machine controls yet easily integrate to the business to support current & future Industry 4.0 initiatives to get more done faster while maintaining industry-best security, reliability, and speed.

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Machine Control Demands in the IoT Era

The main goal of Industry 4.0 is to collect and share all automation information generated by every manufacturing component and machine so, collectively, the manufacturing ecosystem or factory performs optimally. Real success is achieved by analyzing this information to discover actionable insights that come in the form of corrective action or operational streamlining, which can be continuously implemented in a smart factory setting to become more competitive.