RTX64 RTOS, Vision and Strategy about Real-Time Solutions for Windows 10

Our Mission

At IntervalZero, our mission is to provide technology platforms that enable our customers to access and benefit from the world’s transition to the digital economy.


Our Vision

We believe that the first step that would help companies bridge the gap in the digital divide is to create open, standard, all-software solutions that replace proprietary, closed hardware solutions.  Software has the unique flexibility to share data to the cloud and act on intelligence that returns.  This closed-loop of communication of the digital economy is the source of new, more efficient, business models for OEMs, companies, and machine builders.  In sum, this is all achieved because replacing proprietary hardware with software eliminates the friction that prevents companies from achieving the digitalization required for IoT and Industry 4.0.


Our Strategy

IntervalZero’s primary focus is to offer innovative real-time solutions that enable machine builders to design and deploy best-in-class machine controllers that can easily plug into the digitized world demanded by IoT and Industry 4.0. As a critical part of our strategy, IntervalZero is working toward offering the complete solution that has pre-integrated all the mission-critical components such as an RTOS, real-time I/O, HMI builder, and secure connectivity to the cloud. Offering a pre-integrated RTOS platform and toolset will free machine builders to focus on their intellectual property and get to market faster.

To create such an RTOS platform, IntervalZero must address three additional market demands beyond the features of the RTOS itself. First, the platform must embrace standards such as OPC-UA, GigE, EtherCAT, and PLCopen, which protects the machine builders’ investment even as the supply chain introduces disruptions or new products. Second, the solution must also eliminate proprietary-controlling hardware and replace it with a standard PC, eliminating vendor-specific hardware lock-in and enabling plug-n-play IoT capability. Finally, with the power of the PC doubling every 18 months, the platform needs to support efforts to consolidate multiple controllers and third-party software onto a single IPC. Few RTOS platforms in the world can truly deliver on all three of these requirements, and IntervalZero’s strategy is to lead the way.