IntervalZero RTX64 and Windows IOT Value

Windows & IoT Value

The first question engineers often have after they learn how Windows can be extended with RTX64 that adds a hard real-time scheduler to address a deterministic requirement is what is the value of transforming Windows into an RTOS.

And the answer is simple. Windows is the most productive, secure development environment, and the Windows ecosystem with all the applications, integration, and consulting support delivers unmatched support and functionality.  By leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem, machine builders can develop controllers that offer world-class performance, easily create an immersive user experience, get to market first, and protect their future.  For example, Windows offers secure OPC-UA connectivity to allow machine builders to participate in IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives and even AI when it becomes a requirement for machine builders.


Microsoft Windows is well known as the operating system on laptops and desktops used by consumers and businesses worldwide. What is less well known is that for years, Windows has also powered many ATM machines, point-of-sale terminals, industrial automation systems, thin clients, medical devices, digital signage, kiosks, and other fixed-purpose devices.  For those fixed-purpose devices that required determinism on the same PC that hosts Windows, RTX64 is the most popular RTOS that makes it possible.


Windows IoT Vision that Benefits Machine Builders and Deterministic Applications

    • Enhanced Productivity
    • Access to Innovation
    • Intelligent Security
    • Simplified Updates
    • Flexible Management