Digital Media

RTX Real-Time Platform for Digital Media Systems

By combining Microsoft Windows, x86 multicore multiprocessors, and IntervalZero’s SMP-enabled RTX software, Digital Media Systems OEMs and system owners realize breakthrough economic and performance benefits. They achieve cost reductions of 25% or more by replacing proprietary real-time hardware with software components. And they double application performance every 18 months by getting on the PC chip makers’ performance curve.

Market Demands: Digital Media Systems

Deliver a Multi-touch Experience
  • Seeking larger screens, better clarity
  • Driven by potential movement from 2D to 3D
Increased Functionality & Better Performance
  • Need for more inputs/outputs with tighter latencies
Lower Cost of Goods
  • Pressure increasing because of economic downturn and low-priced imports
  • Economics of all software is compelling reason to change architectures
Faster Time to Market
  • Pace of innovation increasing, but hardware-based systems are less flexible
  • The DSP and FPGA focus on miniaturization limits large-system value
  • FPGA low-level code and compile cycles too long versus Visual C++
Transition to File-based Media Production
  • Large disk-based storage systems are fundamental media service of production architecture
  • Windows 7 and Microsoft prominent in enterprise

Benefits of RTX Real-Time Platfrom to Digital Media Equipment OEMs

Reduction of 25-50% in Product Costs on Compute Platform
  • Replacement of many DSPs and FPGAs can drive out significant cost
Significant Reduction in Operational Costs
  • Reduced inventory costs for boards, DSPs and FPGAs
  • Reduced maintenance costs – software easily downloaded
Shorter Time to Market
  • Delivery of customized solutions at commodity pricing
Potential Vehicle to Open New Markets
  • Software allows flexibility in range of functionality offered

Benefits Digital Media OEM Can Pass On to End Users

  • More Competitive Price; Better Profitability
  • Better Product Experience – Multi-touch wow experience with Windows 7
  • Extensible Model Supports Easy Upgrades or System Fixes
  • Improved User Productivity