RTX64/RTX Consulting Partners

Sophisticated, large-form-factor embedded systems – notably those in industrial automation – are highly complex to develop and deploy. IntervalZero partners with and collaborates with leading development consultants, troubleshooters and system integrators world-wide to accelerate our Customers’ success.

Adeneo Embedded is a specialist system integrator focused on complete embedded systems development from OS bring-up, board support package and driver adaptation to application development.With engineering offices in Europe (France and Germany) and North America (USA) supports a broad range of customers worldwide, from small embedded device makers to Fortune 500 companies. The company enables OEMs and ODMs to create dedicated device projects and major programs for large-scale systems, including automotive, consumer, medical and industrial equipment.
 ATR ATR is a specialized provider of engineering R&D, technical services and engineered products to the federal government and commercial clients. The Company provides a focused range of R&D and specialty engineering services, prototypes and products through three interlinked business units: a Engineering and Systems Division;  an Automated Systems and Machines Division; and a Robotics and Control Systems Division. Visit www.atrcorp.com.
 sequentialdatasolutions Sequential Data Solutions – A 35+ Year Veteran of Real Time Industrial Control. Broad range of experience in PLC, CNC and Computer Based Controls. Extensive experience with Reflective Memory and Ethernet based control and data collection systems. Application Consulting and Design Specialist for RTX and RTX64 for both Industrial and Military customers. An experienced application specialist that thoroughly understands both hardware and software equally. Author and Designer of – RTX64G Global Memory Application. Visit www.sequentialdatasolutions.com.
 data Partner dataPartner Ltd. produces and implements Information and Control systems and also develops custom hardward and software. It offers industial solutions in specific areas: Production Planning; Monitoring and Data Acquisition; Device or Order Monitoring; Maintenance Management; Machine Control;  Critical and Technological Processes Control; Instrumentation and Control Systems;  Individual Software or specific Hardware Development; I&C and Process Automation. Visit www.datapartner.cz.
 M&F Engineering M&F Engineering is an independent technology and consulting firm. It specializes in tailored, robust software development for industrial use, including user interfaces, specialized real time applications and test systems. Visit www.m-f.ch.
 Theoris THEORIS focuses primarily on two specific activities: embedded software and object technologies dedicated to complex systems. The company offers value-added services including, project management; consulting and expertise; training and implementation. THEORIS assists large industrial companies, as well as small and medium businesses in high-tech projects. Its customers’ markets include telecommunications, multimedia, medical systems, automotive, industrial automation, transportation, simulation and defense. Visit www.theoris.fr.
TriLogiX Germany-based TriLogiX solves complex problems in the areas of technical software, Windows programming and IT network technology as engineering service provider. Visit www.trilogix.de.
 TSEPnew_IZ TSEP has engaged in development of hardware and software in the CAD/CAM environment since 1988. We have developed and sold several products in the last 20 years: IEEE 1588 Stack, LXI Extender, Remote Systems, Step Attenuator and front panel controller FPC4. Our experiences as well as our know-how makes us a competent and reliable business partner for hard- and software solutions. Therefore, TSEP offers a wide range of services for you and your company. With an experienced and motivated team, as well as with our internal test department, we are able to retain our excellent quality of our products and services. Visit www.tsep.com.
 BJ Carnation BJ Carnation (Beijing Pinks Technology Corporation) is committed to embedded platforms, solid state storage products, network products and advanced avionics platforms supporting product development, production and sales, and intelligent embedded systems, high-performance mass storage system, integrated avionics simulation system, high-performance network computing systems integration and development services. Visit www.vme.cn.
 Torbis Torbis Technology CO., LTD’s expertise includes automation control design; servo/stepper motors; computer systems/adapter cards; and  image recognition.