EtherCAT Partners

The IntervalZero RTOS Platform with EtherCAT harnesses the power and value of the Windows operating system; x64 x86 multicore multiprocessing; symmetric multiprocessing-enabled RTX64/RTX hard-real-time software, and real-time Ethernet capabilities to provide a complete real-time solution for Industrial Automation.

 KINGSTAR_150x31 KINGSTAR is the most open Machine Automation platform for IoT and one vital component is a standalone EtherCAT Master Stack. KINGSTAR is an all-software solution for integrating industrial motion control, machine vision and programmable logic controllers (PLC) onto a single PC. Built on the EtherCAT standard and supported by a real-time 64-bit Windows operating-system (RTX64), KINGSTAR empowers engineers to design, develop and deploy machine automation as stand-alone controllers or multiple controllers as a machine automation system. The EtherCAT component is the only open Plug-and-Play solution that can auto-detect and auto-configure hundreds of drives and IOs from a large multiple vendors. This saves enormous time in getting to market and provides a breakthrough in flexibility as changing drives only requires a system reboot rather than a brand new development effort. Visit