EtherCAT Partners

The IntervalZero RTOS Platform with EtherCAT harnesses the power and value of the Windows operating system; x64 x86 multicore multiprocessing; symmetric multiprocessing-enabled RTX64/RTX hard-real-time software, and real-time Ethernet capabilities to provide a complete real-time solution for Industrial Automation.

IntervalZero partners with three of the world’s leading EtherCAT Master providers – acontis, esd and Koenig, all of which support the latest release of RTX64.

Acontis technologies is a leading provider of both EtherCAT technology and Windows real-time software,  and it provides and EtherCAT master for IntervalZero RTX. Its ECWin real-time platform is a product bundle that provides a powerful real-time EtherCAT programming environment.Visit
ESD is an experienced system integrator that delivers products, turn-key solutions and services to the industrial automation, process control, automotive, medical, aerospace and test & measurement industries. The company provides IntervalZero RTX drivers for their CAN fieldbus cards with additional support for higher layer protocols (CANopen, J1939, …) as well as an implementation of the Real-Time Industrial Ethernet protocol EtherCAT.
koenig-pa GmbH provides cost-effective, high quality automation technologies and integrated solutions throughout the world,  delivering a full range of software, services and solutions, including an EtherCAT master for IntervalZero RTX Its focus is on industrial process control and factory automation and its flagship products include KPA Master EtherCAT and KPA Studio EtherCAT.