General Motion Control Partners


KINGSTAR_150x31 KINGSTAR Motion is a software-only PC solution that replaces costly motion control boards. KINGSTAR Motion further lowers the total cost of a machine by supporting EtherCAT. Engineers can customize the control system for their machine without facing the challenges of engineering real-time control threads required for high-speed precision. KINGSTAR provides APIs compatible with popular hardware motion cards; contains EtherCAT master and EtherCAT configuration wizards; replaces proprietary network protocol and IO hardware with the EtherCAT standard; and enables use of EtherCAT-based servos which also offer lower cost. Visit
Soft Servo Systems, Inc., provides all-software, high-end motion control solutions for industrial machine builders and users. Soft Servo provides high-performing yet affordable and reliable general motion control (GMC) and CNC solutions by exploiting the high-speed, ever-improving CPUs of personal computers. The PC performs all real-time motion control operations including feedback loops and multi-axis coordination. It also serves as a user-friendly graphical interface (Windows), can be connected to a network, used to store motion programs, and run other applications. Visit