RTX64 Time Critical Applications

January 17th, 2020 by

RTX64 is a Windows driver that transforms Windows into a real time operating system (RTOS) and that then enables the creation of precise, dependable and high-performing real-time applications operating under windows. It is a key RTOS feature that utilizes the Windows OS and the x64 multi-core processor. Here are a few examples of RTX64 RTOS time critical applications.


Applications time precision

Applications that use RTX64 are controlled in real time with a precision of microseconds. This is because, the RTX64 has a scheduler that is independent from the windows scheduler and a Hal time period that determines the ideal planning interval to be configured in microseconds.

Supports symmetrical multiprocessing and HW performance

The symmetrical multiprocessing ability coupled with the RTX64 features facilitates embedded real time applications that access the addressed physical memory directly. To boost performance, you have to increase the number of kernels that are used in real time logic.

Simplifyingsystem development

RTX64 is designed to offer developers the commonly used Windows technologies and user environment coupled with the benefits of fixed real time application within a controlled or isolated system. Meaning that, all parts of the system can be within a single standard development environment such as the MS Visual Studio. This makes switching to real time application from regular programming much easier.

Cutting equipment and development costs

RTX64 is acore element of the software control platform(SW). This is an approach where by the proprietary hardware (HW) means applied in time critical processes is replaced using effective SW elements. This way, the RTX64 eliminates the need for proprietary controllers, additional systems and communication cards that are used to perform the HMI function. This way, it reduces the production costs and the required physical components by ensuring better logistics, reduced inventory and shorter delivery durations.

Higher application adaptability and scalability

The multi-core processors (sometimes called kernel) boosts the symmetrical multiprocessing abilities greatly by making the system scalable up to 63 real time processors. Such applications offer high scalability because the strings can be configured to suit RTX64 dedicated kernels.

For operation reliability

Operation reliability means that all system operations are controlled fully while the exceptions are handled reliably. In an RTX64 run system environment, the settings can be altered to ensure that RTX64 takes over system control and terminates the real time processes dependably once Windows fails.


The RTX64 and real time applications are installed and run on the regular PC that uses Windows OS. This ensures that the RTX64 processor and Windows applications can communicate at a high speed using the virtual network and shared memory interface. Meaning that, communication between the HW and real time processors will not rely on controllers. All controlled components ought to communicate via the real time deterministic protocols.


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