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Why is a Real Time PC important?

For long, engineers have relied on PLCs because they offer hardened real time control. Their only downside is the steep replacement costs they incur since they implement proprietary operating software and systems. Some traditional PLCs

Advantages of Real Time EtherCAT

EtherCAT is a real time and flexible Ethernet protocol that was published as IEC 61158 standard. Real time EtherCAT data exchange follows a “processing on the fly” principal. Meaning that, all data passes through each slave device with

Hard Real Time Determinism in Plant Floor Control

In plant floor control, real time is defined as the required performance among traditional field bus applications (intelligent devices and I/O). Field bus is always a dilemma among users seeking to manage costs and use the control ...

Difference between IoT Core and IoT Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT is an evolution/ upgrade of Windows Embedded; a previous Windows edition. Microsoft offers two version of Windows 10 IoT; IoT enterprise and IoT core. IoT Enterprise IoT enterprise is similar to Windows 10 enterprise ...

Concepts Found in RTOS Paradigms

In a General-Purpose Operating System (GPOS or OS), the OS takes responsibility for scheduling all tasks or threads of execution.  Often user tasks take priority but occasionally the OS must perform a background task and this ...

Real Time Operating System Concepts

Real time applications are executed on real time operating systems (RTOS). To facilitate this, specific algorithms that are bound to dynamically or statically assigned priorities are required. This is because, basic RTOS services such ...