Key Features

IntervalZero’s symmetric multiprocessing-enabled RTX, a hard real-time plug-in to the Windows operating system, is a vital component of a Real-Time Platform that replaces real-time hardware – such as DSPs – with multi-core software components. The RTX platform reduces the complexity and cost of developing embedded systems; increases system performance; and accelerates innovation.

By eliminating proprietary real-time hardware, OEMs are free to build the systems they envision not just the systems that pre-determined hardware configurations can accommodate.

Five  elements of the Real-Time Platform combine to deliver system-development cost reductions, increased scalability, better performance, improved quality, product differentiation, and extended market reach.

1. Single Integrated Development Environment
  • Maximizes development and support productivity
  • System-wide debugging directly improves quality
  • Immersive interface leads to superior product differentiation
2. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Multicore PC Boards
  • Standards drive costs down by 25 to 50% for computing
  • Staying on x86 doubles performance every 18 months; proprietary hardware limits continuous performance gains
3. Parameter-Driven Scalability for Real-Time “Engine”
  • Can move from a 2-core system to a 24-core system without redesign
  • Scale up with x86 to create next-generation product
4. Delivers Hardware Independence
  • Create new products and revenue by re-hosting  from Atom   to x86 to x64 to ARM: from one source code base
  • Real-time engine could be repurposed for new product moved to a different form factor
5. Pre-tested Components/Drivers/Applications
  • Engineering team can focus on adding Intellectual Property
  • Many core functions pre-tested and available from 3rd party, or in SDK