Windows RTX64 RTOS by IntervalZero

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Windows RTX64 RTOS by IntervalZero is dubbed the first hard real-time software to provide a large memory range beyond the 4GB limit of a 32-bit OS that is directly accessible and visible concurrently from multiple symmetric multiprocessing configuration cores. As such, it delivers increased and directly accessible real-time memory on Windows to ensure superior performance and scalability. Moreover, it offers a competitive advantage by delivering unmatched functionality at an affordable price.

The RTX64 RTOS by IntervalZero was designed to transform Windows into a real-time operating system. It is capable of scaling 1 to 63 cores for steadfast real-time processing. Moreover, this RTOS is tightly integrated with Windows transforming it into the ideal RTOS for complex and connected embedded systems that require hard real-time, determinism and must take advantage of the Windows’ world-class HMI. In such a scenario, Windows provides maximum resolution timers with the smallest granularity of 1 millisecond but that is not sufficient to execute in a deterministic time Window as most applications run in cycle times of 100-250 microseconds.  RTX64 adds a second scheduler to the Windows Platform and this scheduler offers a more precise resolution down to 1 microsecond to allow the deterministic embedded applications benefit from the Windows experience yet have the determinism of a world class RTOS.


Additionally, RTX64 boosts the capabilities of Windows operating system without modifying or altering the Windows hardware abstraction layer in a bid to deliver hard real-time performance and determinism without having to rely on latency-inherent virtualization approaches and unnecessarily complex inter-process communication schemes. RTX64 RTOS comprises of x64 and x 86 multicore multiprocessors, real-time Ethernet and Windows that work together to outperform real-time hardware like DSPs. This way, they reduce required developmental costs for systems that require hard real-time and determinism.

Features of Windows RTX64 RTOS

The Windows-based IntervalZero RTX64 RTOS has numerous beneficial features such as; offering additional real-time kernel support that allows Windows drivers to communicate effectively with real-time applications. Adding a control panel paves way for x64 subsystem configuration, real-time network drivers, new latency view tool, support for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The added real time kernel support offers system developers greater flexibility during application designing stages. For instance, developers can choose to combine different Windows processes, real-time processes, Windows kernel drivers as well as real-time dynamic link libraries in order to develop applications that take full advantage of full Windows operating system features.

Since the control panel integrates effortlessly into the windows control panel area, RTX64 RTOS functionalities are easily configurable and searchable with the help of standard Windows search capabilities. An application wizard is offered to facilitate quick real-time application creation using selected common code templates with the help of interrupts and events. IntervalZero goes a step further to verify that a Microsoft Visual Studio C runtime library subset can be utilized within its real-time applications. This allows developers to make use of the standard C Runtime functionality within their real time and Windows processes.


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