Support Portal FAQs

General Questions

I requested credentials for the new Support Portal but I have not received anything. What should I do?

We sent your access details in a previous email. Please check your email and Spam folders for an email titled ‘Welcome to RTX64/KINGSTAR’ from the domain.  If you are still having difficulty, please send an email to

Where can I find information on getting started with the new Support Portal?

We have created two shorts videos explaining how to use the new Support Portal and which setup steps should be completed. We recommend that each new user watches these two videos:

  1. A video on how to edit your Profile for the correct TimeZone. Failure to do this might result in your questions/requests being delayed.   LINK
  2. After you correctly configure your Time Zone, you can now start creating support requests and submitting license reset requests. For a quick tutorial on using the new Portal, please watch this short video.  LINK

How do I check if my company has a valid support contract?

If in doubt, you should contact your IntervalZero Sales representative.

My company just purchased an IntervalZero / KINGSTAR product. How do I get access to the Support Portal?

The email containing your license keys will include a link to our Customer Center where you can access downloads for product installers, updates, etc. The URL is . Only customers who have a valid customer contract can access this site. If you have any questions about this, please contact your IntervalZero / KINGSTAR Sales representative.

Where can I find product TechNotes?

The TechNote library is now part of the new Support Portal. When you log into the new Support Portal, you will be able to access the RTX64/KINGSTAR TechNotes.

How should I send my Analyzer output or dump file?

With most technical requests, we recommend including an Analyzer file at a minimum. You can attach an analyzer file directly to your support request during the creation of the request. For large files ( >300 MB, for example), we have integrated functionality. There is a TechNote available on this topic.

Where can I access tools, utilities, and samples?

Tools, samples, and utilities are directly accessible from a link within the Support Portal.

For Users of the Previous Support Portal (retired December 1, 2020)

Where can I find my credentials for the new Support Portal?

In the week before the launch of the new Support Portal, we emailed instructions on how to obtain your new credentials. Please check your email and Spam folders for an email titled ‘Welcome to RTX64/KINGSTAR’ from the domain

Can I still access the old Support Portal?

No – the old Support Portal is no longer accessible. All support cases must be created on the new Support Portal.

Where are my existing open support cases?

We have migrated all open support cases for currently supported versions from the old support portal to the new support portal. If you have an open case, you should be able to see it listed under your ‘Requests’.